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British Ambassador to Bahrain Foreword

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Strength of Bahrain-UK relations continue to flourish

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Iain Lindsay OBE
HM Ambassador to Bahrain

This has been a promising year for British exports and business in Bahrain. The UK/Bahrain bilateral relationship has strengthened significantly and is now in very good shape. In meetings with the British Prime Minister, HM The King has declared that he looks to Britain to be Bahrain's 'partner of choice' and wants to see a strengthening of commercial ties with more UK firms winning business in Bahrain. David Cameron said this was 'music to his ears'. Other senior-level visits in   both directions have reinforced the economic, business and political ties between our two countries.

This year Bahrain has witnessed a steady increase in commercial and investor confidence across key sectors. Hotel occupancy rates are on the rise and the retail sector is also showing signs of recovery, both of which reflect a return in consumer confidence. With the long-awaited GCC 'Marshal Aid' set to start flowing soon, Bahrain should witness continued increased infrastructure spending by the government, which will maintain economic growth and address some long-standing socio-economic issues.

Large-scale projects and investments to boost Bahrain's economic development are also underway. ALBA, one of the world's largest aluminium smelters, is planning to significantly expand its operations and boost output. BAPCO has ambitious expansion plans and the expansion of Bahrain International Airport bodes well for the maintenance of Bahrain as a financial and logistical Gulf hub. Several government ministries are also partnering with international companies to upgrade their systems in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

A number of well-known British companies have entered the Bahrain market during 2012/13 and there's every sign that business interest in Bahrain will continue to increase. Similarly, Bahrain-based businesses are very interested in doing business with reputable British firms. Trade statistics confirm that business between our two countries is steadily increasing. UK exports to Bahrain are up 35% thus far this year, making Bahrain the UK's fastest growing export market in the GCC.

The Bahraini authorities want to see more British business in Bahrain. There are good opportunities for British companies here, with British products and expertise held in high esteem. I hope that's a recipe for continued strong growth in our exports of goods and services. The Embassy's UK Trade & Investment team and I look forward to working with yet more British businesses to further strengthen the bilateral trade and investment relationship.

Iain Lindsay OBE
HM Ambassador to Bahrain



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