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Who is Royal HaskoningDHV?

Royal HaskoningDHV is an international independent engineering and project management service provider. With offices in Bahrain located at Amwaj Island and headquarters in the Netherlands, each year Royal HaskoningDHV's 7,000 staff deliver more than 30,000 projects locally, from 100 offices in 35 countries around the world.

Ranking globally in the top 10 of independently owned, non-listed companies and in the top 40 overall, the company's mission is to enhance society together with our clients, staff and partners.

Renowned for our thought leadership in sustainable and innovative solutions for today's global challenges of pit-to-port - food security - water scarcity - the development of mega-cities - mobility and clean energy - we deliver a multidisciplinary range of services that cover aviation, buildings, industry, energy and mining, infrastructure, planning and strategy, rivers, deltas and coasts, transport and asset management and water.

We believe in delivering our world-class solutions locally. With this in mind, we have organised our consultancy services into teams so that we can deliver high quality expertise to clients worldwide, supported on the ground by local staff.


Our market sectors

Aviation - strategic, operational and technical solutions for sustainable airport and airline development worldwide.

Buildings - enhancing the built environment through innovative technologies, we create inspiring, sustainable cost effective solutions.

Industry, energy and mining - our experts serve clients operating in oil and gas, chemicals, energy, resource recovery, mining, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage and FMCG.

Infrastructure - delivering world-leading solutions in immersed tunnelling, roads, highways and bridges.

Maritime and waterways - we design, plan and build safe and sustainable facilities for ports, harbours, dockyards, shipyards, marinas, cruise and container terminals, RoRo and offshore renewables and deliver market intelligence and forecasting on all aspects of international trade, shipping and ports.

Planning and strategy -  our winning combination of environmental sustainability and urban development skills with financial, legal and process management enables governments, water boards, construction companies and project developers to achieve their ambitions in urban and regional planning.

Rivers, deltas and coasts - delivering solutions to the world's water challenges, we have international knowledge of rivers, deltas and coasts. We develop sustainable coastal zones and delta areas and design water resilient cities and communities. We, manage flood risks, safeguard the quality and security of water and the natural environment.

Transport and asset management - global smart transport and asset management solutions, from concepts, designs, tailored programmes, project development and operational management.

Water technology - from collecting, extracting, treating, supplying and transporting water for domestic or specialised industrial use, to urban drainage, sanitation and waste water treatment for reuse and discharge, we deliver the best technical and sustainable solutions through all the stages of a water project lifecycle.


Developing strong working relationships we enhance society together with our clients and partners

We operate within a framework of good governance of people, planet and profit. This means providing a positive environment for the people we affect, incorporating environmental responsibility in the work we deliver and our own footprint, and in giving back to the communities where we work

Serving both public and private clients, we understand differences in context and needs and how mutual interests can overlap and strengthen each other.

Our major clients include governments, ministries and municipalities, and private developers and contractors. By working in partnership with clients, our project partners, universities, government agencies, NGOs and many other organisations, we drive innovation through collaboration between the business community, government bodies and knowledge institutions.

Relationships are based on trust, so working together is essential to the successful delivery of our projects and services. In doing so we gain a mutual understanding of our clients' expectations, address challenges, discover opportunities through thought leadership and dialogue and build enduring partnerships.


Leading solutions for today's global challenges

Many of our clients are concerned with issues relating to key global challenges such as food security, water scarcity, the development of megacities, mobility, clean energy and responsible processes in the resources 'pit-to-port-to-industry' chain. These challenges ask for real teamwork between governments, business, knowledge institutions, communities, and society as a whole.

We have defined four main themes to pursue in an integrated, sustainable and innovative manner. These are the development of megacities and strained cities, water scarcity and food security, pit to port to industry and sustainable resources.


Megacities and cities under strain

The world's population is growing by approximately 80 million people a year, with migration from rural to urban areas taking place simultaneously. Sixty per cent of the world's population will be living in urban areas by 2030. This will inevitably lead to the formation of 'megacities' in many areas in the world. Megacities are characterised by a large population and an under-capacity of logistics, infrastructure, buildings and resources.

Some cities however, while also experiencing population growth, have set boundaries which are difficult to expand to the needs of the population. A 'strained city' with high population density, raises issues different to those for megacities.

As a world leading consultant in urban planning and strategy, infrastructure, buildings, transportation and urban waste water systems, we can deliver sustainable solutions for both these challenges.


Water scarcity and food security

Clean, accessible water is essential for a safe and stable society and there is sufficient fresh water on our planet to achieve this. However, due to economic differences or poor infrastructure, millions of people, most of them children, die annually from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene.

There is a sincere need to close the human dignity gap. Water is crucial for food production and industrial processes, as well as for drinking. Water scarcity, poor water quality and inadequate sanitation negatively impacts food security, livelihood choices and educational opportunities, while drought afflicts some of the world's poorest countries, increasing hunger and malnutrition.

By 2050, at least one in four people is likely to live in a country affected by chronic or recurring fresh water shortages. We work closely with parties for water delivery and reuse to create sustainable solutions for water provision. Our integrated water system approach is enabling our clients to align fresh water distribution to the fluctuating demands of human lives and industrial use.



In the last decade the ratio of infrastructure costs versus equipment has shifted dramatically. Transportation costs now make up some of the biggest expenditures for mining companies. Choosing the right options, optimising the logistic chain and improving the effectiveness of transport systems can have a big impact on resource and operational costs, while potentially reducing negative environmental and social impacts.

We understand the mining industry, global market developments, and the entire transport chain. With this knowledge, we deliver an integrated pit- to-port approach, which helps companies optimise cost balances and achieve best performance by selecting the most favourable transport commodities and facilities.


Sustainable resources

Depletion of resources is placing a burden on the environment and the world. Consumption is beyond the rate of replenishment. During the past 30 years, 30 per cent of the earth's known resources have been consumed. There is increasing pressure to ensure resources are used sustainably and to cope with scarcity in water, food and other resources. Challenges faced in this respect vary, based on a region's economic situation.

There is a need to develop new solutions and technology for responsible production, supply chains and resource management of water, energy and materials.

We are actively working on developments for renewable energy, circular economy, responsible bio-based economy and responsible mining.


Golden Triangle approach to innovation

Our approach to innovation is twofold; co-creation with clients and our own response to latent market demand. In co-creation with our clients, we find innovative solutions for their needs using the golden triangle approach. This enables commercialisation and implementation of new, almost proven, technologies that create greater added value for the client and benefit society.

This new way of serving our clients has resulted in the development of a service called TaBaChem, which introduces a closed loop concept for the chemical industry; creation of a Levee Information Management System reducing potential flooding risks, and implementation of smart engineering solutions, such as the transformation of a paper and pulp factory into a bio-refinery.

We also develop and market our own services and products, such as our new water treatment technology, Nereda® currently being marketed worldwide.

Innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. We are proud of our involvement in developing new technologies for the transformation of agricultural waste into bio-ethanol and our collaboration with the Delft University to develop a smart underground storage system for fresh water in areas with a shortages such as arid regions.


Awards for innovation

In 2012 we won a number of prestigious awards and commendations around the globe. In South Africa we won the SAICE Engineering Excellence Award for the Bedford Dam at the Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme. In the Netherlands the 'Karel Doorman' apartment block in Rotterdam designed by Royal HaskoningDHV and Ibelings Van Tilburg Architects won the Audience Award of the prestigious Dutch Building Award 'Nederlandse Bouwprijs 2013'.

We were awarded the Benelux Aluminium Award for sustainable renovation of company buildings for our own renovated head offices in Amersfoort. In the UK we received a commendation as finalists in the 'Environmental Initiative of the Year' award for the Kai Tak cruise terminal passenger walkway specification in Hong Kong.

The Royal HaskoningDHV Da Vinci Award is our in-house competition which encourages innovation among our people.


Corporate Responsibility - together we enhance world societies

As an engineering consultancy we have the ability, opportunity and responsibility to take into account the affect of global challenges on society and to deliver new, innovative approaches to these issues.

We have adopted corporate responsibility in line with CSR 2.0 which means it is an integrated responsibility of senior management, under the leadership of a CR director.

Our international approach involves stakeholder dialogue, integrity and a sustainability programme which includes: sustainability in projects, sustainability in operations and community engagement (giving back).


Giving back

As a knowledge-based company, we strive to add value to local communities through education and capacity building. Our people share their knowledge by participating in educational programmes for primary and secondary schools, universities and weekend schools.

In South Africa our Saturday School Initiative helps children from disadvantaged backgrounds learn about maths and science. So far 780 children have taken part, with 100 admitted to university.

In Indonesia, our team supports Hanifa, an early childhood educational centre. In 2012 the school opened a new building paid for by funds raised by Royal HaskoningDHV staff.


Our People

We owe success to our people and consider ourselves to be a company for people from people. This is based on the connection between our staff and the communities and environments in which we operate. Our people based philosophy is underpinned by our culture and our core values. Brightness, Integrity, Team Spirit and Excellence (BrITE).

We believe in the value of diversity, respecting and embracing different perspectives. Our people enjoy a safe, inclusive and challenging work environment where professionals have the opportunity to reach their full potential, contributing to an organisation known for its technical excellence and strong people leadership. People are our strength, having the right people in the right place at the right time is what we are about.